The West Michigan Regional Planning Commission maintains an extensive database for planning and development purposes.  The Commission has acquired and generated a large volume of data that include state, federal, and where possible local data, and is also a local affiliate of the Michigan Information Center (MIC). 

The sections below provide links to the WMRPC's planning and library resources.

WMRPC's Planning Resources


The link above takes you to descriptions of our planning resources.


WMRPC's Library Resources


Link to a list of all documents and CD-ROMs in the WMRPC library as of August 2013 here

The Library List is a PDF document and you will need Adobe® Reader® to read the file.  If you do not already have Adobe® Reader® installed on your computer, you can download a free copy at the following link:



Community Plans and Zoning


Our planning staff conducted an inventory of plans that have been prepared by communities within our Region.  Those documents include master plans, recreation plans, and zoning ordinances.  We have copies of most of these documents in our library. 


Staff also prepared three maps that show the geographic distribution of each of the three plan categories.  Click the links shown below to access each of these maps.

Master Plans

Recreation Plans

Zoning Ordinances