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Montcalm County


Montcalm County is a rural county in the west-central portion of Michigan’s lower peninsula.  The 2010 Census shows Montcalm County’s population at 61,266, which is a 33.2 percent increase from 1980.  This rate of growth was similar to Region 8’s rate of 39.8 percent and much higher than Michigan’s growth rate of 6.7 percent.  Projections indicate Montcalm County’s population will continue to grow and by 2030 will reach 76,805.  The largest community in the County is the City of Greenville, located in the southwest corner.  The two other cities are Carson City in the southeast corner and Stanton (the County Seat) in the center.  The County also has six villages, and 20 townships; the townships have one of Michigan’s most active township associations, with monthly meetings that move from township to township.  In addition to the cities and villages, the county is dotted with unincorporated places with interesting names like Amble, Coral, Crystal, Entrican, and Turk Lake. 


While Montcalm County has many rural areas, it is also home to a variety of attractions including:  a thriving retail and service area centered around the Greenville area; resort living areas around the County’s many lakes; five state game areas; many golf courses, numerous large and small lakes and the Flat River; and thousands of acres of forests, farms and open space spread across the County’s 720 square miles.  Trail systems include the Fred Meijer Heartland Trail and the White Pine Trail State Park.  The County also maintains five parks and there are dozens of community parks to meet the needs of residents and visitors.


The County is well served by north-south transportation routes including US-131 on the west, M-91 in the center, and M-66 on the east.  M-46 crosses the northern portion of the County and M-57 crosses the southern portion to provide primary east-west routes.


The Greenville Industrial Park is the County’s principle industrial park.  Another industrial park is located in Howard City (and the two townships of Reynolds and Pierson) and includes a Renaissance Zone designation to encourage economic development in the County’s “panhandle.”  The Montcalm Alliance addresses economic development in the County.  Major employers in Montcalm County include Michigan Department of Corrections, Meijer Inc., hospitals (Spectrum Health United Memorial Hospital, Carson City Hospital, and others), public schools (Greenville Public, Tri-County, Central Montcalm, and others), Montcalm Community College, Walmart, and Vertis (in Greenville).

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