Economic Development

The WMRPC is the liaison between the U.S. Economic Development Administration  (EDA) and communities in Region 8.  This long-term relationship began in 1972 when the WMRPC was designated an EDA Economic Development District. 

Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS)


CEDS Committee

Region 8's economic development program involves several ongoing components including the annual updating of the Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS).  The CEDS Committee, with the assistance of WMRPC staff, develops an annual document that describes the economic conditions of the seven counties, recent successes, and ongoing challenges related to economic development. 


The CEDS Committee also solicits economic development projects from each of the communities (counties, cities, villages, and townships) in Region 8 as well as other community-based organizations.   The CEDS lists all of these projects, which communities feel would benefit the economic conditions of the area.  After CEDS Committee and WMRPC adoption, this list of projects is forwarded to EDA, USDA, MEDC, state and federal legislators, and other organizations for funding consideration.  EDA requires that projects appear in a CEDS for funding consideration.     


Identifying a community project in the CEDS does not automatically move the project forward.  After listing the project, communities must meet with the Region and EDA to develop and promote projects.  The WMRPC facilitates meetings between communities and EDA to determine if a community’s project meets EDA’s criteria.  



CEDS Committee Representatives

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CEDS Committee Meeting Minutes


Economic Development Administration (EDA)

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Economic Development Resource Inventory and Analysis (June 2006)


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