Profiles for WMRPC's Communities


Region 8’s population increased by 39.8 percent between 1980 and 2010 to reach a total of 1,171,404.  The seven-county area grew at a much faster rate than Michigan, which increased by 6.7 percent during the same period to reach 9,883,640.  Projections indicate continued growth in Region 8 and a turnaround in Michigan that includes population increases (Michigan’s population decreased by 0.6 percent between 2000 and 2010).   


While the tremendous growth in the Region is a good overall indicator of an area in which  people choose to live, work, and play, it does not provide specific information about the people in the area.  The following links provide a range of demographic information about Region 8 as a whole as well as each of the seven counties within Region 8. 



Region 8 Community Profile


Allegan County Community Profile


Ionia County Community Profile


Kent County Community Profile


Mecosta County Community Profile


Montcalm County Community Profile


Osceola County Community Profile


Ottawa County Community Profile



Information in each profile includes:

Population Trends and Projections

Population Traits

Housing Traits

Income and Business Traits

Employment Traits

Each profile also provides information for both Region 8 and Michigan as a whole in order to facilitate comparisons and demonstrate the unique demographic characteristics of each county.

A link to a map of each county, showing the location of all  townships, is available at the end of each profile.
Contact the West Michigan Regional Planning Commission for assistance if additional information is needed.


Population Information


2010 Population Trends and Projections by Community

The above link includes population trends from 1970 through 2010, along with population projections from 2015 though 2030.  The data are presented for all of the cities, villages, and townships within each of Region 8’s seven counties.


Demographic Profiles and Population Characteristics are only available based on the 2000 Census at this time.  You may access that information with the following two links.


Demographic Profiles – 2000


Population Characteristics – 2000


Other sources for national and state Census information are shown below.


You can link directly to the 2010 U.S. Census site by clicking here. 


American FactFinder resources are here.


And you can also find 2010 Michigan Census data here.


Another resource is the Data Driven Detroit website.  That site includes detailed profiles for Michigan counties, cities and villages, and townships.  The link to that information is here.