WMRPC Representatives


Allegan County

Linda Howell Private Sector

Tom Jessup  County Commissioner

City of Big Rapids

Lynn Anderson City Commissioner

Mark Sweppenheiser Neighborhood Services Director

John Schmidt Private Sector

City of Cedar Springs

City Manager

City of Grand Rapids

David Allen City Commissioner


David Hodges County Commissioner

Mecosta County

Paul Bullock County Administrator

Ray Steinke County Commissioner

Jim Sandy Mecosta County Development Corporation

Montcalm County

John Johansen County Commissioner

Tom Lindeman County Commissioner

Robert Spohr Private Sector

Osceola County

Roger Elkins County Commissioner

Dan Massy Osceola County Community & Economic Development

Morris Langworthy Private Sector

Ottawa County

Paul Sachs County Planning Director

Donald Disselkoen County Commissioner

David VanderKooi Private Sector

City of Wyoming

Tim Cochran City Planner

Lillian VanderVeen Private Sector

Sam Bolt City Councilmember



L. Charles Mulholland

Regina Davis


Alternate Members

Jim Storey Allegan County Commissioner

Suzanne Schulz Grand Rapids Planning Department Director

William Routley Mecosta County Commissioner

Joanne Voorhees Wyoming City Councilmember


Executive Committee

John Johansen  Chair

Jim Sandy Vice-Chair

Paul Bullock Treasurer

Donald Disselkoen

Linda Howell

Charles Mulholland

Regina Davis



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