Following are examples of information available.


Demographics:  Population counts including census figures, labor force statistics, age, race, sex, census profiles and county profiles, current population and employment estimates and projections.


Transportation:  County transportation profiles.


Economic:  Major employers, labor force, income, major industries, poverty status, industrial site availability, agriculture statistics and census, and census and county profiles.


Housing:  Type of units, building permit data, renter or owner occupied, median rent, and median value.


Maps:  Land use / land cover maps, base maps, census maps, general soil maps, school districts maps, and congressional and legislative maps.  Custom maps are also available.


Grants List:  A directory of grant and loan programs for roads, parks and recreation, water and sewer system improvements, economic development, housing, natural resource protection, planning and other community development needs.


Land Use:  Various local master plans as well as current literature on land policy, procedures, and preservation.


Recreation Plans:  Local community’s recreation plans.


Transportation:  Transportation profiles, corridor studies, and other literature related to transportation.


Information which is readily available is generally provided free.  Information requests that require a large number of copies, extensive staff time, or customized mapping are provided at cost.