Michigan Center for Geographic Information


Michigan State University Center for Remote Sensing

The mission of the Remote Sensing & GIS Research and Outreach Services program (located at Michigan State University) is: To provide state-of-the-art remote sensing (RS), global positioning system (GPS), geographic information science (GIS) and cartographic services to the MSU campus, the State of Michigan, and other agencies; to provide outreach instruction and technology transfer in the geospatial fields of RS, GPS, GIS, and cartography; and to conduct research grant and contract work for on-campus and off-campus units.


Michigan Department of Natural Resources – Geographic Data Library

View maps related to such topics as Michigan’s natural resources and environmental quality; the Census including population and housing characteristics, economic issues and boundaries; and maps that show boundaries and names of geographic areas within the state.  Also access lists of spatial data that are available in Michigan.


REGIS – Regional Geographic Information System

REGIS is an agency of the Grand Valley Metropolitan Council and provides a common database and suite of applications and interfaces to satisfy the spatial data management needs of all participant member departments.  By participating in REGIS and working together as a team, member communities are able to share valuable information, provide better and more consistent service to constituents, and reduce operating costs.


Federal Geographic Data Committee


U.S. Geological Survey – Spatial Data Transfer Standard Information


U.S. Geological Survey – Geography

The USGS conducts science for a changing world.  USGS Geography monitors the changes that occur on the land surface using remote sensing, studies the connections between people and those changes, and then provides individuals and society with information they can use to cope with the consequences of those changes.


The Center for Land Use Interpretation

Research organization involved in exploring, examining, and understanding land and landscape issues. It employs a variety of methods to pursue its stated aim, engaging in research, classification, extrapolation, and exhibition.


NASA Urban Sprawl: The Big Picture

NASA demonstrates how satellite images help show the extent of past urban sprawl and the potential future spread of urban areas.


Ottawa County GIS


Montcalm County Maps